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Issue 05
Spring 2007



A Quick Drink

The Disgruntled Ruminations of an Office Worker Meant for Better Things

The Great Outdoors

Anna Goodall moons about in a graveyard



Heading South

An exclusive extract

Why Does Everybody Hate Iain Banks?*

Helen Lewis wonders why bestselling author Iain Banks just can’t make friends in the literary playground

Stormin’ Norman

Barnaby Smith takes a look at the political clairvoyance of American literary heavyweight, Norman Mailer







The Pendragon Legend

By Antal Szerb
Pushkin Press, 2006

The Brontës Went to Woolworths

By Rachel Ferguson
Virago Modern Classics, 1988

Fahrenheit 451

By Ray Bradbury
Simon & Schuster 1953

The Sheltering Sky

By Paul Bowles
Penguin, 2004


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The Further Adventures of Charles Maxwell-House Esq.

Our plucky correspondent is back at last from Conrad’s dark continent and hot on the trail of Ghosts and Ghouls – with unexpected consequences!


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Anna Goodall
Felicity Cloake

Helen Lewis

Hape Mueller

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Ricky Wilson

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