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Issue 06
Summer 2007



Sartorial Stress

The Disgruntled Ruminations of an Office Worker Meant for Better Things

Paradise Found?

Anna Goodall pushes the Oyster to its limits in search of blind genius



A Momentary Lapse of Reason

Mark Cobley reckons we should love Philip K Dick because, like all great writers, he was a little bit mad

The Long and the Short of it

Anna Goodall considers Ian McEwan’s brilliant early work

The Great Refrain Robbery

Fintan O’Higgins considers why nicking ideas from other writers should not be attempted by the common literary criminal

On Bumps and Books

Jenny Kingsley shares a lifetime in battered paperbacks



However, We Regret …

Extract from a novella



Ghost World

Screenplay by Daniel Clowes;
dir. Terry Zwigoff, 2001

The Rachel Papers

By Martin Amis
Jonathan Cape, 1973

Measuring Time

By Helon Habila
Hamish Hamilton, 2007


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The Further Adventures of Charles Maxwell-House Esq.

Sir Charles gets out of the wrong side of bed


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Anna Goodall
Felicity Cloake

Helen Lewis

Hape Mueller

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Ricky Wilson

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