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Emily Berry

            We all miss you;        especially the computer,
who always starts heavy breathing        towards the end of the day
        it has to put up with me        hammering away on its weak little keys
writing about                             how absolutely unbelievably awful
            this is        and how you really better
come back soon        or else, because                otherwise
        what the hell am I going to do with myself   
with only teddy bears        and a life-size        leather pig for company

            See, there goes the laptop        working itself up again
    getting too hot underneath        at the very thought of you
being eight thousand miles away     what a distance
            I’ll have to raise it    on a hardback book        and go 
for a cup of tea and a biscuit     to give it a bit of a break
            and heave a big sigh myself                        Sometimes
it makes a big noise        like an aeroplane starting up        just as if
     it’s imagining like I am        your coming-home