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My Favourite Bookshop


Jenny Kingsley


The temptress is Bookthrift, an oasis in the cultured core of South Kensington where thousands of students, tourists, the still-employed and residents roam, many of whom can’t resist a peek in the shop and a bargain at the till. It’s sometimes hard to see the ever-changing display of books in the window because it is blocked by book-thirsty folk waiting for friends or a bus.

The name of the shop may not be elegant or literary but what lies beneath the title’s surface is quite splendid. It would be difficult to discover elsewhere such a fine and varied collection of art books  – including photography and architecture – at incredibly low prices tabled and shelved near so many other favourably priced examples of the usual bookshop genre – fiction, travel writing and guides, biography, history, reference, interiors, cookery, health and children’s books. Forget the cappuccino and spend the pennies on a book that will really stimulate the grey matter, rather than just for a few brief buzzy moments.

The manager sources the shop’s books three times a year at book fairs of British and American publishers’ remainders. Incidentally, there are two other branches of Bookthrift, in Southwold and Ashbourne, though I cannot personally vouch for the richness of the stock or the charm of the staff.

In South Kensington there are usually nine or so staff members (two full-time) and they are all astoundingly friendly and helpful. When they are not selling and reading books, most are pursuing other ventures – acting, film-making, writing, studying, teaching, massaging, filming. They have great stories to tell.

For me Bookthrift poses a serious problem because it is within a few seconds’ walk of our house. I am the paper clip; it is the magnet; say no more. I excuse myself for the too frequent purchase: bookshops, like libraries, are always in danger of performing a vanishing act. So if you indulge yourself in Bookthrift, I will compensate you for the loss of the herbal tea. Just ring the bell.


22 Thurloe Street
London SW7 2SS
T 020 7589 2916

10 – 8 Monday – Friday
11 – 7 Saturday
  2 – 6 Sunday


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